Talavera Tile

Talavera Mexican Tile, Houston Talavera Mexican Tile Pyramid Imports Talavera Tile

Hand-painted Talavera Tile adds character to any home or business.

The hand-painted Mexican tile comes in a variety of colors, shapes and designs. You can create your own masterpiece by combining different tiles. Talavera tile is great as an accent in kitchen backsplashes and bathroom backsplashes. It combines nicely with Saltillo tile adding a unique, one-of-kind floor. The 4” X 4” Talavera tile can be used to create fountains and facades. It adds an accent to the steps on staircases. This versatile hand-painted Mexican tile can be used for an entire tables, benches, fireplaces and countertops. Its uses are endless. Pyramid Imports offers more than 100 different Talavera designs. Come by and pick out the design that is right for you.


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